Lieutenant Mike O'neal

Lieutenant Mike O’neal works for the US government. Officially, he’s a former Navy man attached to the Department of the Treasury. In reality, he travels the country investigating crimes the nature of which must not become public knowledge.


  • The things I do for my country…
  • Determined
  • Studied under Sifu Wong
  • Flashbacks of unspeakable terror
  • The world may be doomed
  • Money for a rainy day
  • Calm, cool, and collected
  • Brawler

Top Skills

  • Mysteries
  • Fists, Investigation
  • Athletics, Rapport
  • Academics, Alertness, Resources


  • Rare Artifact
  • Secrets of the Arcane
  • Focused Sense – Smell
  • Impossible Detail
  • Martial Arts

*edit: Lt. Johnson only has five aspects and three skills listed as he’s a seed character for an upcoming one-off SotC adventure.

*edit: Updated Aspects and Skills to reflect the fill-ins from two sessions of play. O’neal ended up saving the day through the cunning use of a scene declaration and the aid of his Rare Artifact.