John Fitzgerald
Santa Rosa, CA

I find problem-solving highly rewarding on a personal and technical level. An ideal position for me provides a regular stream of new challenges that give an opportunity to use previous experience, a broad view of the nature of the issue, and technical resources.

Strong troubleshooting skills. Good writing skills. Able to think outside standard operating procedure while keeping in mind the underlying principles behind the procedure. Strong sense of business ethics in regards to doing the right thing for a customer without jeopardizing the real needs of the business. Able to identify how perceived problems arise from unnoticed ones. Comfortable with Windows and Macintosh operating systems, command-line Linux, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. I am familiar with Moveable Type, WordPress, Dokuwiki, and Mediawiki as content management systems. A smattering of Perl and Javascript experience, including some work with Pchart and jQuery.

Nearly sixteen years as a customer service representative and supervisor using Linux, Windows, and Macintosh resources to sleuth out the underlying causes of and effect the repair of a variety of problems pertaining to internet access, email, network abuse, and web hosting. Has written a number of tools for the monitoring and supervision of a call center, and participated in the training and supervision of dozens of excellent technical support representatives. Has participated in electronic communications since the age of ten, has created and maintained web content since 1995.

Due to family obligations, is unable to work for extended periods away from Santa Rosa, California. Has a strong preference for clean, uncluttered design.