John Fitzgerald
Fair Oaks, CA

Professional Experience

1998 – 2017 Sonoma Interconnect / / Sonic.
Santa Rosa, California

Nineteen years as a customer service representative, supervisor, and manager at a growing regional Internet Service Provider. In a constantly-changing business environment we survived and thrived through adversity – the formation of the AT&T/Comcast broadband duopoly, the Dot Com Crash, and the Great Recession – by adapting to new technologies, competition, and regulatory changes. We took good care of our staff, stuck to our principles, took chances, and maintained reasonable margins.


Fostering one of the best work environments in the internet service industry

Hiring, scheduling, training, and supervision of excellent call center staff

Coordination between partner service providers and incumbent utility company

Developed and implemented multiple call center workgroups to handle specialized tasks

Creation of internal and public-facing department practices

Creation of procedure and training materials for internal and partner company use through multiple iterations of technological and business model changes

Development and implementation of online troubleshooting and marketing material

Development and implementation of knowledge base for interdepartmental use

Creation of internal troubleshooting tools

Design, implementation, and maintenance of call center quality assurance and monitoring tools, including staff scheduling, attendance tracking, and metrics measurements.



Strong troubleshooting skills

Good writing skills

Sustained attention to detail

At ease with venturing into uncharted territory

Able to think outside standard operating procedure while keeping in mind the principles underlying the procedure

Strong sense of business ethics in regards to doing the right thing for a customer without jeopardizing the real needs of a business

Able to identify how perceived problems arise from unnoticed or unarticulated ones

Programming and database coding using Perl, PHP, jQuery, MySQL

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