Andy Kaufman

May 21st, 2004

[Andy Kaufman]In case you missed it, Andy Kaufman made his triumphant comeback on Sunday, as promised. He has even been courteous enough to provide us with a blog so we can keep in touch with him. Nice to see you back, Mr. Kaufman, I’ve been a big fan of your work, though I think that the whole Jerry Lawler thing was a bit over the top. There has been some healthy skepticism about his death being a hoax itself being a hoax, but I prefer to believe whichever version of history is more uplifting and inspired by the cleverness and wit that our creator endowed us with.

One Response to “Andy Kaufman”

  1. Ultima Bob Says:

    I’m surprised he ‘played dead’ that long.


    ….I need to watch the news more often.