PPPoE on Speedstream 5100b & 4100

September 25th, 2005

Disabling PPPoE should be easy, and in most cases it really is. This applies to the 5100b and 4100 Efficient Networks Speedstream modems:

  1. Surf to in your web browser of choice. If your system has assigned itself a 169.mumble address, you will first need to manually assign your computer an IP address like, a subnet mask of, and a default gateway of to do so.
  2. At some point you should be challenged for a Modem Access Code. This should be located on a sticker on the bottom of the modem itself. Type it in, and click Continue.
  3. You will be presented with a swizzy web interface. It will be asking you for your ISP login name and password. Ignore this, and click the blue “Advanced” button on the left.
  4. Several options will appear as grey buttons. Click the one labeled “PPP Location” to continue.
  5. There should be a radio button labeled “Bridged Mode (PPPoE is not used).” This is what you want, so click it.
  6. Nothing has taken effect yet, so scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes.”
  7. The change to the settings has been saved, but not implemented. You will be prompted to restart. Click the “Restart” button that is presented to you (this is in the web browser, not the the modem itself).
  8. You will be presented with a little countdown page. This page is BS, and will not actually go away when your modem is ready to go again. When your DSL light goes solid green, you should be able to surf. Forcing your computer to renew its DHCP lease may be a good idea if you can’t get back online right after the light goes solid. Of course, if you previously had to manually set your IP address, you’ll want to switch it back to DHCP.

The above instructions apply to the Speedstream 4100 and 5100b only. 5100a modems have no PPPoE capability that I’m aware of, and should work on any ADSL circuit using pins 2 and 3.

The 5100a has four lights, and should not require any special configuration:

The 5100b and 4100 have five lights, and may need PPPoE disabled (5100b shown):

For those who don’t care for lists of written instructions, and simply have to learn by doing, check out the 5100b Interface Simulator from Rick n Mia’s World. Thanks, Rick!

Speedstream 4100 User’s Guide (PDF)
Speedstream 5100 User’s Guide (PDF)

7 Responses to “PPPoE on Speedstream 5100b & 4100”

  1. logtar Says:

    Weird, been here twice in a week via two differnt searches… weird.

  2. Burrowowl Says:

    Dare I ask what the illustrious Logtar was searching for that would yeild this den of nerdy debauchery?

  3. Burrowowl Says:

    Nearly a year later, this document has been edited multiple times. Please note that the timing of the Modem Access Code challenge is somewhat unreliable, and the 5100b emulator link is dead.

  4. katycat Says:

    Step 2 (enter Modem Access Code) is often after step 4 (click PPP Location button).

    Having trouble finding the Restart button?

    After step 6 (click “Save Changes”), it will prompt you with two more options: “Change Configuration” or “Cancel”. Click “Change Configuration”.

    THEN the Restart button will appear on the page (mentioned in step 7). This is NOT the Windows Restart command, but a button that will appear on the web interface for the modem.

    Note: these instructions apply to the 5100, and are slightly different for the 4100, in particular step 8. The 4100 does not have a countdown screen. It will tell you on the screen what’s supposed to happen next.

    Give it enough time to finish saving config/restarting. If the customer surfs away from the configuration page before it finishes saving the changes and restarting, it may wipe out the changes you just made and you may need to start over again.

  5. katycat Says:

    Or after clicking “Save Changes” instead of saying “Change Configuration” it may say “Change PPP Location”. THEN a Restart button (NOT Reset button) will appear. Warn the customer Do NOT click the Reset modem button.

  6. Rafael Sanches Says:

    this modem sucks, it only gives me 8mb/s of speed, whereas the other modem gives 13mb/s

  7. Burrowowl Says:

    It’s a lovely modem, it just doesn’t do ADSL2+. You aren’t going to get 13mbps from any ADSL1 modem.