Told you so

July 2nd, 2007

Power hath its privileges

To everybody who told me that Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby may actually have to sweat it out in a jail cell until getting a last-day pardon from George W. Bush: neener neener neener. How horribly naive. I humbly suggest that a constitutional amendment may be appropriate, removing the Article II Reprieves and Pardons power. When was the last time a president used this for anything other than rewarding cronies or to cover his own criminal behavior?

Scooter Skates

Full text of Bush statement
Bush Frees ‘Scooter’ Libby

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2 Responses to “Told you so”

  1. logtar Says:

    Glad you are blogging about other stuff too!

  2. Burrowowl Says:

    I had decided way back when I switched over from a personal link-collection page to a weblog format that I’d only be writing about a small number of subjects. I really should have included politics in that original list, as I spend a fair amount of my free time following political news.

    Anyhow, a coworker of mine pointed out to me that in 1977, President Carter issued a pardon for draft evasion during the Vietnam War. That would be a solid example of the Reprieves and Pardons power being used for something other than rewarding cronies and campaign contributors.