Mass Enturbulation

January 29th, 2008

Looks like the hive-mind of Anonymous has picked February 10th as a big day of action in its war on the Church of Scientology. Security experts have reported that attacks against the church’s Internet presence has been waning since the first big outburst on January 18th, which makes sense due to the frivolous nature of Anonymous.

I’m certainly curious what these “IRL” raids will turn out to be. Apparently February 10th is the date that “The times they are a changing” was originally released by Bob Dylan (in 1964), and this has been offered as an explanation for the choice of date. I have no idea what idiot drew that connection, as a far more relevant February 10th is that of 1959: the birth date of Lisa McPhearson. Along with Elli Perkins, McPhearson is one of those very sore subjects that apparently the Church of Scientology just doesn’t like to come up in conversation. I suppose that we can expect a big push for March 13th event as follow-up (the date in 2003 that Elli was murdered by her untreated schizophrenic son).

Warren Ellis, noted comic-book author, is apparently totally down with these ominous threats, and offers a glowing review of the above video. This strikes me as appropriate, as this is something that might happen in one of his works. Of course, in fiction Anonymous would back up its bluster with action. In reality, there will likely just be small mobs of youths in sweatshirts filming each other as they hand out fliers to disinterested passers-by.

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