A view from the side

July 5th, 2008



Had a little fun with the Side View Generator today. I wasn’t exactly flattered by some of the transformations (Fitzgerald turns into Deep Throat), but was greatly amused by others. I ran a couple for some frequent commenters. Are you “vulgar?” Or “sprain?” How about “est rus” or “lard” or “porno?”

A personal favorite was the transformation of “Jimbo” into “ninja.” Right on.

3 Responses to “A view from the side”

  1. Daniel Says:

    W00t! I’m Sprain!

    I’m also “Denial” if you use my first name.

  2. chunkbot Says:

    Nice. chunkbot = dishonor, and matthew = despair. wtf? 🙂

  3. Burrowowl Says:

    @Chunkbot: True, but “Matt” turns into “Wolf” which isn’t all that bad. My first name turns into “anal,” which I wasn’t pleased with.