Coyote Ragtime Show

Android assassin-maids?

I saw some excited previews, rave reviews, and some detractors of this title, so I gave it a shot. I think I can see why folks liked it: good production quality, sci-fi premise, lots of smart characters, lots of gunplay and explosions, and so forth.

Alas, it also has twelve assassin androids wearing maid costumes parachuting into a prison and shooting up the place. Assassin androids in maid costumes? You’re kidding, right? By the time they showed up on the screen I was already a bit leery of the premise (crack government agent tracking down arch-criminal), but come on! What is this semi-retarded fetish doing in my sci-fi action crime drama? No, it’s not like getting chocolate in my peanut butter.

Add in the lack of a likable main character, and this looks like a high-budget recipe for disaster. I’ll be keeping an eye on some other folks’ reviews of future episodes in case it takes a turn for the better, but right now I think I’m stopping at episode 1.