Kamisama Kazoku

The Kamiyama Family

Basic premise here is that Samashirou Kamiyama is a regular high school boy who just happens to be the son of God. He isn’t sent to Earth to save everybody’s souls, but rather to simply learn about normal life so he can grow up to be a great God himself.

Tenko and Samashirou having it out

Though Samashirou’s father is God, and his mother and two sisters are godesses, the main characters of this series really are the boy himself and Tenko, his guardian angel. Tenko was created on the day Samashirou was born, and has looked after him his whole life, following him to school and tagging along wherever he goes. The comedy is a bit heavy-handed at times, and a number of tiresome anime clich├ęs have strong representation, but the characters are likable, the production value is good, and after seven episodes I think this is a solid contender for one of the best comedic series this summer.

Yasashii Tenko